Best Kept Secret

Our Story...

Over recent years I have been a Mortgage Broker and with the changes in the market, constant exams and compliance requirements it had become more of a chore than a pleasure and while it may sound glamorous, life was at times far from easy. Deals would fall through at the last moment, commissions would get clawed back and it was always a case of being only as sound as the last completion.

With three children all now adults, I found the time and flexibility to think of how could things be better. I tried various home based schemes and while I made a little extra money and learned new things, I was hardly successful.

Then Travorium came into my life and the change was the best thing I had ever experienced.

From struggling I was starting to boom and more importantly I was enjoying what I was doing. I have picked up the saying that Travel is far more sexy than Mortgages.

I have, since starting with Travorium, built a team across a number of countries including Mauritius, South Africa and the USA and have made many great friends along the way.

I am now in the great position of making money while I sleep, I get paid every day and can also look forward to at least three fantastic trips in 2021 which I could only have dreamed of in the past. My income will continue to grow and I will have a team growing in many more countries.

I am so grateful for being introduced to this fantastic travel club.